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Fashion and Gender Politics


This is a tricky subject to tackle. Clothing has become such a political and polarizing topic that it’s kind of hard to talk about gender norms in fashion without getting a bit agitated or go on a rant. Continue reading

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The Right One

IMG_4412crop-horzMaking a choice is a daunting task. Uncertainties over whether it’s right or wrong or whether you’re choosing it for the right reasons always surface. I say it’s always a gamble. Continue reading

Body Image

Your Body Is More Than Enough

1When most of us think about body size and body image issues there’s a stereotypical body we think of, there’s a specific situation we tend to gravitate to: the girl who wants to lose weight or wants to look like the models in the magazines. There’s this idea that every woman wants to lose weight or “trim a few inches here and there” and that every man wants to gain muscle and be big and buff. Unfortunately, that only covers a very limited spectrum of the many ways body image issues can present themselves, specially in regards to body size.
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Roses Are Red, Romance Is Blue


I’ve recently developed a very deep appreciation for all things navy blue. Monochromatic outfits in general have always appealed to me and anything menswear inspired is sure to get me super excited so I figured what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to wear a few of those things and give my own little spin to how we express romance with our outfits. Continue reading