Body Image

Your Body Is More Than Enough

1When most of us think about body size and body image issues there’s a stereotypical body we think of, there’s a specific situation we tend to gravitate to: the girl who wants to lose weight or wants to look like the models in the magazines. There’s this idea that every woman wants to lose weight or “trim a few inches here and there” and that every man wants to gain muscle and be big and buff. Unfortunately, that only covers a very limited spectrum of the many ways body image issues can present themselves, specially in regards to body size.
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Baking Soda

IMG_3728Comfort zones should be renamed to growth-less zones because that’s exactly what happens when you stay in them. You get wrapped up in doing the same things you’ve always done, hanging out with the same people you’ve always hung out with, repeating patters, getting stuck in old habits and just not really doing much. Not living, not creating, not growing! Continue reading