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The Right One

IMG_4412crop-horzMaking a choice is a daunting task. Uncertainties over whether it’s right or wrong or whether you’re choosing it for the right reasons always surface. I say it’s always a gamble.

Some say indecision is a trait of weakness. Others say excess certainty is a show of arrogance. But does it really matter?

You might think you know what you want but after the choice is made you may find out it wasn’t the right one or, you might find it easier to choose if you have less options to choose from but then you’re left wondering “if I had had more choices, would I have chosen differently?”.

Life is a series of choices. Right or wrong. Motivated by the right or wrong things. Each choice was the right one at the time it was made and each choice will lead you to the next place you need to be in, probably to make the next choice, one that’ll be right at the time it was made, one that will lead you to where you’re supposed to be next. And you’ll do it again, and again after that.

So don’t worry about picking the right one. Just make a choice.


Coat: Urban Revivo | Top: Forever 21 | Knit Sweat Pants: Forever 21 | Boots: Hotwind | Necklace: ASOS | Bracelets: H&M | Studs: H&M


2 thoughts on “The Right One

  1. Werkn that coat gurl and ooooh, that necklace!! Life is all about choicer, well in my opinion, I feel that the younger you are, the easier it is the bounce back from certain choices and being older does not necessarily mean you make better choices…or even ensure you learn from them…tsigh….( :

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    • Hahahaha right?? I was just having this same conversation with my mother and she was telling me how it’s better to take advantage of how “flexible” I am now because as we get older there are always more variables to consider and making choices becomes a little more complicated. Anyway, we live and we choose (because the “learn” bit isn’t always so certain) 🙂

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