Personal Style

Underwater Squad


Korean & Japanese trap music is THE SHIT and I’ll fight you over it.

KOHH is marrying me and I’ll fight you over that too.

His verse on THIS track will be our wedding song and I’m dead serious.

Also, why does everybody think of blue when they speak of the ocean? What about the algae? Don’t they represent the ocean too? Isn’t green the color of the ocean too?

Questions, questions…





Have a wonderful weekend!

Coat: Burberry | Top: Zara | Pants: MyStyle | Shoes: Nike | Watch: Casio | Beanie: random street vendor | Rings: random street vendor


4 thoughts on “Underwater Squad

  1. Hon, all the S/S 16 Trend posts are like toooootally saying that Green is one of the In Colours of the season (imagine me saying that in a LA teen high school accent!!). So you’re spot on with your Burberry coat…I’m digging that algae hue btw! ( :

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