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Makeup vs Skincare: Stigma & Misconceptions

IMG_46962-horzIt’s amazing how you can feel totally convicted of something until you actually take the time to dive deeper into learning more about the thing you had already drawn a conclusion on. 

Growing up I was never a fan of makeup. It wasn’t something my mother wore and it was generally looked down on in my house. I developed this intense dislike for it and other than lipstick and lip gloss, in my mind the only reason someone wore makeup was to hide whatever imperfections they thought they had and to avoid actually having to take care of their skin. I got to the conclusion that makeup only encourages you to feel discontent with your skin and that it was also an easy way to avoid actually having to take care of your skin. Oh, and let’s not forget about the incredibly patriarchal conviction I had that makeup was in fact deceitful and just all around a big farce.

I used to think that taking care of your skin was the only right way to do it and anyone who chose makeup over skincare was doing it wrong when in fact it’s never been a case of either one or the other because skincare is extremely important for how smoothly your makeup turns out and good makeup products can also help protect your skin and getting there was a huge game changer.

During this entire learning process I got to thinking about certain philosophical questions such as to what point is any improvement upon anything created by the forces that be right or wrong? Are we not put on earth to improve upon what has been given to us to make our lives more pleasant (beauty/aesthetics included)? Is touching up a photo taken on a gloomy day wrong? Is touching up a faded painting wrong? Is blending out acne scars wrong? Why is one acceptable and not the other and who gets to make up all these rules? Who sets the limits? Is vanity something only of the modern day? What about the ancient civilizations that also indulged in beautification practices and body art (painting, piercing, tattooing, etc.)?IMG_47012-horz

After joining the wonderful world of tumblr and reading all of the conversations around makeup and the different reasons people wear it I started to see it differently. Seeing people who loved their bare faces just as much as they loved it when they had makeup on really brought on a new perspective. After getting sucked into watching makeup videos on youtube I also gained a tremendous appreciation for the skill and artistry of the entire process. The knowledge and skill it takes to understand the skin’s undertones and know what foundation and concealer combination works best for what skin tones and skin types, etc., is nothing short of amazing!

I got to the understanding that just like artwork, having a good canvas for makeup to be put on is just as important as the makeup itself if not more so this totally annihilated my theory that makeup was a way to avoid taking care of your skin. There’s also the time dedication it takes to put it on properly and to remember to remove your makeup completely and clean off your skin before bed which is something I can’t say I follow religiously and I don’t even have any makeup to remove.

I’m still not at a point where I feel like makeup is something I’m going to adopt into my daily life but I’m completely open to trying things out if not for personal curiosity then at least to continue to challenge these misconceptions I had about makeup and broaden my own understanding and kill whatever residual negative stigma that might still be there.


As soon as I move to a location where brown shades of makeup are available I’m definitely looking forward to diving into the world of tinted moisturizers and dip my toe into this side of beauty. After all, who doesn’t want flawless looking skin right?

Let me know if any of you do have or have ever had any negative stigma towards makeup and how you dealt with it and how you feel about it now. Tell me the reasons you like/dislike makeup and if you wear it everyday or just on special occasions and why. Do you feel comfortable going outside without makeup? If not, have you stopped to consider why that is? There’s another narrative where people do wear make up to deal with other insecurities… If any of you share this point of view would you mind sharing your thoughts? Also, let me know what brands of tinted moisturizer I should try that won’t break the bank and have the least amount of chemicals in them 🙂


7 thoughts on “Makeup vs Skincare: Stigma & Misconceptions

  1. Style Thirst says:

    Ok so i never had any negative stigma towards, i just didn’t pay much attention to it until i was about 18 or so, but now i love even tho its not something i wear everyday. unless we’re counting the basic lipstick. to be quite honest i’m really lazy on a day to day basis to wear make-up. it’s definitely not something i reserve onyl for special occasions, i wear it when i’m in the mood for it, have the patience and the time to apply it correctly.
    Exposing my face without make-up is something i’m beyond comfortable with. the absolute bare minimum i need is some lotion.
    I know people that wear it to hide their insecurities such as acne, and i’m totally fine with that. they tend to be the people that take the best care if their skin in terms of making sure they always protect it, and remove the make.up before sleep and so on.
    as for affordable brands so far there is Kiko, but i’m not sure if it goes into the no chemical range. i’ll keep an eye out

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    • Maaaaan listen! If I wasn’t so lazy I’d be #TeamHighlighter everyday! Great points about the people who tend to best care for their skin being the ones who wear it frequently. It takes commitment and dedication! Just got off the Kiko website and I love that they have a nice range of shades and a few very nice darker shades which is awesome! Thanks you!!


      • Style Thirst says:

        also another thing you can do is mix your moisturizer with your foundation. the ratios will determine the amount of coverage you get, 1 pump cream + 2 pump foundation more coverage and so on. it is a easy way to get tinted moisturizer.


  2. Ok. So. I love makeup, always have, always will. I kid you not, one of my highlights when I go to Nigeria is getting my makeup professionaly done. Why? I kinda find it therapeutic and a lot of fun. To me good makeup is like art, I love art, so I love makeup. I love stepping into a world of fantas as muchy and glamour and experimenting with different looks…but there is an ugly side to makeup, the Kim K Contouring to death side, that I dont like. When I get my makeup done, I always say: easy on the eyebrow pencil, contouring, dont alter the shape of my lips etc….but I’m also into skincare too, not as much as I should but instead of just rubbing bodycream into my face, I now have special facial products: namely Clinique products…when I’m feeling like a big spender I use Elemis La Mer blabla which costs an arm and a leg but I’m not in my 20s so I’m now more of a sucker for products that claim to maintain my face elasticity bla bla….
    Great topic to post about hon ( :

    Ps I have a feeling that as time goes on, I’ll see you with more and more makeup on… ( :


    • I like your homecoming ritual (getting your make up professionally done)! Yes, the artistry is beautiful! I’m always amazed at the beautiful creations people come up with! I’m very much a HeyFranHey type of girl (have you heard of her? if not you should! she’s awesome on holistic living from eating to skincare to mental health and spirituality). All natural everything, specially skincare so I doubt I’ll become a regular makeup user anytime soon to be honest lol but I’m always open to new things so who knows? Maybe one day 🙂


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