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Roses Are Red, Romance Is Blue


I’ve recently developed a very deep appreciation for all things navy blue. Monochromatic outfits in general have always appealed to me and anything menswear inspired is sure to get me super excited so I figured what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to wear a few of those things and give my own little spin to how we express romance with our outfits.

The plan was to venture away from the idea of red as the focal point and make it more intimate, special, visible but not “in your face” which is basically how I view love and how I like to showcase it. Subtle but visible, more so enhancing a deep rooted friendship and not necessarily the focus of the relationship, love feels more special somehow… But hey, that’s just me 🙂




Whether you’ll be showing that extra bit of love to someone else or treating yourself to some well deserved one-on-one time I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day Weekend!

Sweater: Zara | Culottes: Zara | Oversized Shirt: thrifted | Shoes: H&M | Earrings: H&M | Bangles: gifted | Lipstick: Chery Bomb (918D) by NYX Cosmetics


3 thoughts on “Roses Are Red, Romance Is Blue

  1. Ok lets talk about your culottes- they are faaab! And I want to rip those earrings from your ears, they are so me, ha! I appreciate any Valentine posts were that stray away from Red Outfits, so brava for doing that! Ps do more fashion shots in this location pls! ( :

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    • Hey hey hey!!! If anyone should be ripping earrings it should be me!!! The day I’m anywhere NEAR your jewelry box be ready to never see some pieces again!! 😀 The location is awesome isn’t it??! I will do more shoots here as soon as the weather gets warmer here because right now it’s a big NOPE for me lol.

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