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2016 For The WIN


First, let’s get the housecleaning out of the way: Happy New Year!!

Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday season and are feeling refreshed and renewed and ready to take on 2016!!

When I started this blog I wanted it to be a visual diary and aid while I was trying to pin down what my true style was and create a beautifully curated wardrobe. I’ve definitely honed in on what I want to look like and have collected a few good wardrobe staples this past year but I wanted to take this journey a bit further. With the new year come new projects and opportunities and I wanted to focus on taking this space to the next level. 

Here are some things to look forward to on VGC this year:

VGC Original Pieces! I’ve decided that it’s time to showcase what I do and maybe possibly kinda sorta do something serious with it. Some of the pieces will be available for purchase pretty soon so like the Facebook Page to be first in line when that comes out and and be on the lookout for some neat discounts and giveaways there too!

All About Body Image! I’ve always wanted to talk through some things related to body image and self esteem and gender norms when it comes to style and fashion so I figured now is as good a time as ever right? Along with that there’ll be some holistic/natural skincare tips sprinkled throughout the posts so be on the lookout!

Better Quality Visual Content! I’ve always liked taking pictures and watching beautifully edited videos and I’ve decided to take that passion more seriously this year. I’m going to take a few photography classes, spend time learning how to edit photos and videos better and just dive deeper into learning how to create more beautiful visual content.

Focus On Footwear! On a personal style note, this year I’m focusing on building up my shoe collection and finding staple shoes to make my wardrobe more well rounded.

I made sure to keep all of my goals for the year manageable and attainable so I don’t fall into the trap of over-promising and under-achieving. If you want to see what some of my other goals for the year are make sure you read THIS post. If you’re new to the blog, Welcome! And if you want to catch me on the interwebs you can find me blogging over at Figuring Things Out and The Afrospectice Architecture Project.

Thank you to the lovely people who have pushed me to post more consistently by reminding me to post something, to everybody who left a comment and shared the posts and served as a style and blogging inspiration this past year!






Hope you guys had an awesome new year celebration and let me know what your fashion and style resolutions for the year are!

Shirt: H&M | Pants: Kelso | Jacket: H&M | Shoes: Forever 21 | Watch: Fittos | Clutch: Forever 21 | Earrings: H&M Diamond Studs | Lipstick: Glaringly Hip (A30) by MAC Cosmetics


2 thoughts on “2016 For The WIN

  1. Aaaand VGC is back, Praise The Lord, Hallelujah (Fans face feverishly) And I’m glad you have started this year looking like a Boss. There’s something about a white jacket and trouser suit…I love this on you and the fit of the trousers are divine! I’m like you with regards to wanting to improve on my photography and video skills but I honestly dont think I’ll have time for that…what I’d rather do is think of the concept and get someone to take the pics and video for me…for a low price…and the latter is the tricky part!
    Anyhoo, looking forward to seeing how this space unfolds! ( :


    • Thank you love! I know right?? It takes so much time to do it all!! I wish we lived close to each other because I’d definitely be willing to do it for free (or for the price of an occasional slice of cheesecake hehehe)! Having the opportunity to learn and practice would be well worth it since I’m really trying to learn photography (might even take some courses as soon as I get the chance). Maybe look into that. I’m sure there’s someone out there willing to gain experience as corny as that might sound hehehe. It never hurts to ask right?


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