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First Child

2It’s hard to recognize or accept how awesome we are sometimes. 

For me it’s a constant battle to acknowledge and congratulate myself when I do something I’m proud of. Impostor syndrome is a real thing (I’ve talked about my struggles with that here).

4I made this dress. Drafted a pattern myself, cut out the pieces, sew it together. I made it from scratch and as proud of myself as I was when I finished it I took a lot of time examining and explaining away all the flaws I saw in it instead of focusing on the amazing feat that this was. I made a dress. A stunning one at that!

To some of you who make and design your own clothes this might not seem like much but like a few of my closest friends can attest to, I have major, very irrational fears when it comes to sewing. I went from extreme anxiety over learning how to put in a zipper to putting in not only a regular zipper but an invisible zipper over night and that is amazing to me.

1356Even though I’m able to pat myself on the back right now, and even though I was proud of myself when I finished making it, it took me seeing the photos of the event I wore it to for me to internalize and truly be proud of myself for making it. If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw the pictures (and how excited I was over them).

78This isn’t the first garment I’ve ever made but it’s surprisingly the first one I’ve made purely and solely for myself and I’m really proud of my first child. Even had a 30 minute crying session to celebrate when I saw the first pictures so you know the love is real. 

9It’s a strange thing, cultivating your passions. Going through the self doubt of whether your stuff is any good, of whether or not you’re skilled enough to make what’s in your head into actual tangible things and then skipping ahead to actually having a finished item on hand… It’s dreadfully scary and utterly amazing at the same time.

I could get used to this 😉 

Dress: VGC | Shoes: Forever 21 | Coat: Burberry | Earrings: H&M | Necklace: ASOS |  Lipstick: Chery Bomb (918D) by NYX Cosmetics


15 thoughts on “First Child

  1. Aha, so this is an example of what you designed- loooove it- the fit, length, detailing at back, choice of print- and great styling too…mixing it with a Burberry coat, that’s how I’d have rocked it as well.
    I marvel at peeps like you who can make their own clothes, there are so many designs I want to buy but dont see on the market, so I cant buy them aaaaand I cant make’ em, tsigh..
    And dont even talk to me about self doubt, the emotions you expressed are what I feel about my show. Keep on making more pieces hon and make sure you stop along the way to smell the roses! ( :

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    • Glad you liked it!!! Giiiirl! I admire people like you who are fearless with their style and your accessory game is on point!!! I legit take lessons with each of your posts. Still a bit scared with experimenting in that department but I[ll get there. More pieces to come definitely! Working on a few exciting things for next year 😉


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