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Lions and Rappers and Pigs!


I’ve been thinking a lot about influences lately. The environment you grow up in largely influences a lot of the things you do, care about and how you react to certain situations. It wasn’t until I got to my 20s that it really sunk in how much things I never would have thought influenced me actually influenced me. This outfit is a literal replica of my primary school uniform and the way the nuns used to dress (back when I used to hang out with nuns a lot) and I hadn’t realized it until the day I was getting ready to take these photos.


Sometimes I debate with myself about where the inclination to dress more “modestly” comes from and it I realized that it’s not so much a conscious choice but it’s more related to the things I grew up seeing and the things I grew up around that were defined as beautiful.

IMG_2885 IMG_2900

This also got me thinking about how we influence the world and what mark we’re leaving for the generations coming after us not only with fashion and style and music but with everything, from the things we do to the things we focus on and care about to the way we react to situations of jealousy and social injustice. So much is going on in the world right now and I’m paying attention to our reactions, to our focus, to the mark we’re leaving for the coming generations and most of all, I’m paying attention to the things I’m doing to help shape that mark.IMG_2915

To realize that you carry with you a treasure chest of “influence gems” from the past and that you have an active role in shaping the future by what you do now is a daunting but beautiful thing.

*This post was inspired by Blitz The Ambassador’s “Shine”┬ávideo and by all the madness going on in the world right now.

Stay safe and influence the world.

Shirt: Grand & Greene (thrifted from a friend’s closet) | Skirt: Custom made | Shoes: H&M (previously seen here) | Bag: H&M (previously seen here) | Watch: Fittos | Studs: H&M | Necklace: random street vendor in Wuhan (DaDongMen) | Lipstick: MAC Dazzle Lipstick Glaringly Hip (color A30)


8 thoughts on “Lions and Rappers and Pigs!

  1. I attended boarding school with nuns but have to say none of my experiences there have shaped my dressing so its interesting to read and see how yr experience shaped yours. I like the look! and yes its important to leave an inspiring trail behind, one that people will learn something by should they choose to follow. have a gd wkend!


    • It’s amazing the things you subconsciously pick up. The nuns I grew up around were very polite and happy and confident and I guess it’s kind of what I associate this look with. Thanks for stopping by!


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