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Terms & Conditions


Sometimes it’s all in the details.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with a bunch of things. It feels like no matter how much you plan ahead, there’s always something in fine print you could have never been prepared for and being unprepared just leaves me feeling bareIMG_1999IMG_1978IMG_2001I’m learning how to be more comfortable with that. Bareness is scary. You feel vulnerable, exposed, unprotected. But as the wise ones say, “there’s strength in vulnerability” and I’m learning to find that strength.IMG_1972IMG_2022IMG_2023IMG_1983

This dress embodies just that. The “inadequateness” because it’s a size couple of sizes too big, the bareness with the low cut and the sheer fabric around the chest and the fragility of the straps yet at the same time there’s an undeniable beauty to it.

Slip dresses will be the death of me.IMG_2003Dress: H&M Poncho: No idea where it’s from, thrifted from a friend’s closet Shoes: H&M Earrings (studs): H&M Lipstick: Cherry Bomb (918D) by NYX Cosmetics


4 thoughts on “Terms & Conditions

  1. I love the neckline of that dress and this is the perfect outfit for those summer days when you are rushing around doing errands, and you want something loose and eazy breezy. Yes there is strength in vulnerability, but one has to be careful at one point and to whom they show that vulnerability too…some fools misconstrue it as weakness….


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