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Bubblegum Valentine


My interpretation of Valentine’s Day is very laid back: picnics, walks, outdoorsy, simple and very Village Girl Chic. I like the outfit to be easy to put on (and take off), I like it to compliment my face/skin and not take the shine away from me so simplistic in look and eye-catching color is the way to go this year.

The base of the outfit is simple: light sweater, flowy skirt, comfortable flats. 




I love a good scarf. The way they compliment any outfit, add that extra something without being overpowering and the fact that they’re so versatile are all the reasons you need to invest in a couple of good scarfs.




Monochromatic looks are just effortlessly chic, simple and beautiful but I think bubblegum colors speak to the child in me and I just love the combo. 7 8


As I’m building my wardrobe I’m moving more and more away from bright colors but I think I have an emotional attachment to this particular look. It’s bright and happy and easy and comfortable which is everything that I stand for. 9page5

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Sweater: Woolworths

Skirt: I think it was a gift from Mom (no idea where she got it from)

Shoes: Thrifted from a friend’s closet

Scarfs: Street vendors in Maputo

Accessories: Diamond studs from H&M; Bracelets (I rarely take these off) from street vendors in Maputo

Lipstick: Sugar Plum Fairy (908C) by NYX


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